The Kellaway and Callaway names are particularly associated with Wessex; much research has concentrated upon Hampshire, Cornwall, Dorset and Devon, as well as other parts of the world.
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Kellaways and Calloways world-wide! 

Kellaway and Callaway history
The mysterious origin of the name
A chronicled history
Investigation into ancient links with Caillouet
How many ways can you spell Kellaway?
Heraldry See the Arms of  Sir John  Kellaway.
See historic displays of our Coat of Arms
W hat have pears to do with  Kellaways?
Visit the church at Dowland.
Genealogical Charts Devon / Blacktorrington Tree
Phillack:   Cornwall, NY and NSW
Tavistock and Bristol
IoW to South Aftrica
Marnhull registers


Fred    Pic of WCK    Annie                                 
See   Fred,  Willie and Annie.                         RSA links           Cornwall & Qld            
The family of  Scranton, Pennsylvania
The family of Newington, London .
Lauriston descendents of Edwin in South Africa
Descendants of Charles of Cornwall
Gravestones including the Memorial to 7 children at Lifton
Famous and notorious Cs & Ks The Musical Kelway family - royal organists,  admired by Handel.
Intereresting characters .
Murder in France:   Sophie's story
  • Descendants of Samuel Kellaway  who married in Tavistock, Devon on 8 May 1820 to Jane Hamley
  • William Hamley Kellaway -   born   Bristol 1844 
  • William Colley Kellaway  born  Bristol 1868 
  • Frederick George Kellaway, M.P.;  born Bristol 1871;
  • Charles Kelway , 1805, of  Cornwall, married Grace Chinn and Peggy Richards, and had 14 children.
  • Missing person: Edward George Kellaway,  (Disappeared in North America!)
          More History      Kellaway  (and similar spellings ), Calway, Kelway,
     Kelloway, Kelleway,  Callaway , Kayleway, Calloway
Where did they live two centuries ago?
Visit  The Callaway Family Association for more Callaway / Kellaway information and contacts.
Discussion of early family history.
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