A Kellaway Portrait Album

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(Left and above)
This is probably Elizabeth Colley, mother of William Colley Kellaway, and of Frederick George Kellaway. M.P., P.C.
During WW1, Leslie Kellaway (son of William Colley Kellaway) of Melbourne, visited England while on leave from service in Europe. He is seen here with his cousins. 

(Above) Frederick George Kellaway, M.P. P.C., represented Bedford for the Liberal Party, and was managing director of Marconi Wireless in the early days of wireless telegraphy.

Link to FGK's wedding photo.
William Colley Kellaway, born Clifton 1868, migrated to Australia in 1890.
Bill Kellaway (b. Hobart 1898) and Leslie Kellaway (b. Hobart 1899) are seen while visiting England during WW1.
 (above) with their aunt Maude Kellaway ("Aunt Mud") 
and (below) with their cousins Helen, Martin ("Billy") and Margaret.


My grandparets with their sons.
Annie Emma Kellaway, daughter of Samuel and Keziah, born Clifton, 1865William Colley Kellaway (born Clifton 1868) with his wife Ethel (nee Lear) and four sons:
(l to r) Leslie, Fredrick, Jack and William (Bill). Their daughter Nancy had not arrived yet.
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