Frederick Kellaway's  Family

Married 31 May 1862
Truro, Cornwall
Migrated to Australia
in Firey Star

27 July 1864

See family photo
Frederick was the son of Charles Kellaway
and Peggy Richards (his second wife),
married Helston, Cornwall, 1837

See Celia and Eddy, his brother & sister, below.

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           Sydney                     Sebra                             Frederick                       Percy [Oscar]
        b  14 May  1868                           b 9 Oct 1882                            b 12 Oct 1841                                    b 7 Aug 1878
    Albert                     Edwin                         Harriet (nee Bennalock)     Alfred
  b 30 Sep 1874                        b 6 Sep 1872                                       b18 April 1840                          b 5 Oct 1863

Frederick had been dead for some years when this group photo was taken.
 He died 1899 aged 58yrs  and his photo was superimposed at the back of the others.
Another son Charles was  b 13 July 1870  d 4 March 1885 14 yrs
There were also 2 other boys:  Sydney b. 2 March 1866,  d. May 29 1867, aged  1yr 2mths
and Oscar Septimus b. May 13 1877,  d. 30 Aug 1877, aged  3 mths      

Celia Kellaway
Daughter of Charles Kelway
and Grace Chinn


(c) Photos from Mrs Norma Kellaway, N.S.W

Eddy Kellaway
Believed to be Edwin, born in 1843,
son of Charles (above) and Peggy Richards.
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