The Newington and Lauriston Kellaways
Thomas Kellaway, born  1790 in London, married Esther Clarke, born 1793 at Newington.
Esther's mother was Susanna Lauriston, and is the source of the frequent use of Lauriston as a second christian names amongst their descendants.
Thomas and Esther Photos (left) from Sheila Yates
Photos (below) from Ian Welch
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Henry and Keturah
Keturah Kellaway (1867-1955) and her husband Henry Turner (1862-1945). Keturah was the grand-daughter of Thomas and Esther. and great grandmother of Ian Welch.

top row: Alice, Henry, Fred (Ian's Grandad)
bottom row: Esther, Keturah, Ethel (Ian's Grandma)
Taken at Mayola Road (See below left)

Keturah (Kit) Turner (1888-1891) and her husband Robert Carter (d.1952).  Kit  was the daughter of Keturah and Robert.
(left) 24, Mayola Road, Clapton, London E5 where Henry and Keturah lived