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Kellaways today are found around the world. There are researchers working in at least six countries. Before the migrations of the Nineteenth Century scattered Kellaways and Calloways around the world, they were well distributed throughout south-western England.
The Kellaways formed a number of main family groups, though others may prefer to see it in other ways.

1. Keilways of Rockbourne. Rockbourne is in Hampshire, very near Dorset. The history of this family is the subject of current research.

2. Kelloways of Stowford, Devon, in the 15th & 16th Centuries. (However, there are several villages called Stowford.) Late in the 16th, the family changed its name to Stafford. (See Berry's Visitations 1895, p.510)

3. Descendants of George Kalewaye (b. c1575. The family was associated for several generations with Ilminster and Yeovil in Somerset. In some sources the name is spelt Calway. Stephen Kellaway (1782) of Ilminster married Ann Goddard. His family was associated with the Presbyterian Meeting house at Yeovil. Descendants later migrated to N.Z.

4. The south Dorset Kellaways who came from Sherborne and were associated with Puncknowle, Abbotsbury and Puddletown. In the 19th Century John of Puncknowle married Phoebe Fever; their son John Marron Fever K went to Alderney, married, produced three children, migrated to NZ and produced nine more.

5. Various parishes in Devon, including Tavistock (from 1800), Bridestowe, Holsworthy and Hartland. My own family moved from Tavistock to Bristol; after a few generations some went on to North America and Australia.

6. There were also groups of Calloways and Kellaways in Wiltshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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