Northamptonshire, England, and New South Wales, Australia

Henry Hanger, married Raunds, Northamptonshire, 27 March 1808, to Ann Jones

John Hanger, married Northamptonshire 19 September 1832 to Elizabeth Gilbert 

Henry Hanger, 27 Sep 1816, Rushden, Northamptonshire; transported to N.S.W in Moffatt, 1836; married 3 June 1850, Camden, N.S.W.; died Dec 1897, Narellan, N.S.W. Occupation: shoemaker; farmer.

John William Hanger, b.23 Dec 1850, Picton, N.S.W.; married Annie Maria Smith at Wentworth N.S.W. 1 Aug 1883;

Harry Victor Hanger, b.Buninyong, Victoria, 1885; married (1) Myrtle Barnes, Brighton, Victoria, 2 June 1909. My grandparents.

Jack Roland Hanger Piper (Pip); b. Melbourne 1910; married Brighton, Victoria, 1942; died 1985.

For information about the Hanger family, contact Gail Hanger in N.S.W. on  gehanger at bigpond.net.au 

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