The name Dettmer comes from Germany
George Dettmer1740 - 1833. Head of the Pianoforte making firm. 
William Dettmer born 1760 London. Piano maker.  He designed and patented parts of pianos.His firm was well known until recently. Migrated to N.S.W. in Julindur in 1849 , and he opened a branch in Sydney. Died Sydney 1856. Married Mary Betts (6 Feb 1797) and Phillis Betts (29 Nov 1809)
William Gottleip Dettmer born 8 December 1797; baptized 14 Jan 1798, St Pancras, London. 
Caroline Dettmer born 1806, married (1)  John Ashton Green 29 Sept 1823 in Westminster 
                               (2)  Christopher W. May 15 June 1839 in Sydney, N.S.W. 
died Windsor, N.S.W.  16 June 1877
Elizabeth Dettmer born St Pancras 1803; married Dr John Jackson (see below). Died in London, 1845.  Four children (below).

See page of London churches visited by the Dettmers. See a page of Dettmer pianos. The Dettmer name continues in London.

Sculcoates, (Yorkshire), St Pancras, Australia
John Jackson of Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire. Married Ann Dodds 24 October 1803
Dr John Jackson Born Sculcoates, Yorkshire, January 1805; Married Mitcham, Surrey, 1826, to Elizabeth Dettmer. 
Practised in St Pancras. Died in 1839.
His children:
John Dettmer Dodds Jackson b. St Pancras (London) July 1827; migrated to Tasmania in General Hewitt
married July 1851 in Sandy Bay, Hobart,  to Mary Flexmore
James Norris Newby Jackson b. St Pancras 1831; migrated to Australia to dig gold in 1854;
married 1859 Mary Anne Painter at Maryborough, Victoria
See a photo of his daughters.
Elizabeth Anne Jackson b. St Pancras, 1 Mar 1829; migrated in Julindur 1849 with her grandfather William; 
married William Branch Campbell, Sydney, NSW; 1825; died 6 Oct 1899
Adelaide (Ada) Jackson b. St Pancras, 3 Jan 1831; migrated in Julindur to N.S.W with her grandfather William.; 
married William Gregory 12 October 1850 in Sydney; died 1899

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